Congratulations to Kiera and Harry for representing RMS on the City of Rockingham Junior Council for 2018.  You both represented the school in outstanding fashion and Kierah the way you facilitated the debate in your role as Junior Mayor, at the final council meeting was to be commended.   Both students epitomise the Montessori child, both highly articulate, confident to not only raise issues but also to pose innovative, environmentally conscious responses and motivated to enact change to make the local and global community a better place for all to live in harmony.  We thank you for your commitment and are very confident to know you are the leaders of our future.

I would like to welcome Cailin Taylor to staff as our new school counsellor.  Since commencing several weeks ago, Cailin has been working across both the Adolescent Program and the Primary School sites.  Whilst located at the Adolescent Program, Cailin can support children, staff and families across the whole school site.  Please contact our respective Program Coordinators to arrange a time to meet with Cailin.

It was lovely to have the Sea lions children and families meet their new teacher, Deb Lynass last week.  I know that the parents and grandparents after hearing the wealth of experience Deb brings with her, felt that their children will be in good hands for the years to come.  We also look forward to Jodi Kerslake our new Upper Primary teacher and Primary School Program Coordinator, joining us on Thursday this week to meet her Dugongs children and families.   Jodi also brings with her over fifteen years Montessori teaching experience with many of these years undertaking a combination of Adolescent Program Coordinator and acting Deputy and Principal roles.  Both Deb and Jodi have a strong language background which is critical in the second plane of development and we look forward to having them join us in 2019.  We welcome Jade Cowderoy back to our staff for 2019 where she will teach in the Dugongs class to cover Jodi when she is undertaking her Program Coordinator role. 

Once again, I would like to thank Julie Chew for her many years of service to the School and the Sea lions class, and know she will be greatly missed by all at RMS.  Have a fabulous break Julie and enjoy your travels and new experiences.  We also wish Kym Murphy every success in her new role and again she will be hugely missed by her class and colleagues.

Last week we received from the Montessori Australia Foundation our School Review Report on the Montessori Quality Assurance Program (MQAP).  The staff have been undertaking this quality assurance review process over the past semester. I was very proud to receive registration for our Montessori School for the maximum five year period.  This is such a credit to our School and highlights the outstanding Montessori program being delivered by our staff.  Feedback from the panel conducting this extensive review process included;

“It is pleasing to note that the leadership team continue to be committed to ongoing improvement and growth with Montessori philosophy and pedagogy at the forefront. Their commitment to support Montessori training is a sign of the school’s commitment to Montessori education.  Classrooms were well-laid and provided with appropriate Montessori materials.  The observations of the assessors were of attractive classrooms where Montessori pedagogy was valued and implemented and the school was providing a safe and nurturing environment. There was teacher documentation for every child. This documentation was thorough with evidence that regular, directed presentations are being given and thoughtful considered planning for individual children was a feature.  During the time that the assessors were observing in the classrooms, individual and small group work was noted, students showed confidence using the materials in most classrooms with minimal teacher intervention allowing children the opportunity to fully explore the equipment.  As a long-standing Montessori school the assessors look forward to the school continuing to strengthen and widen the role it plays within the wider community.”

Thank you to our School Board and every staff member for the amazing work that you do each day ensuring that our children are reaching and exceeding their potential. 

I look forward to Carols on the Green on Friday night at our new Karnup site and I would like to particularly thank the Community Spirit team and the Adolescent students and staff for their efforts in bringing this event to fruition.  It is shaping up to be a wonderful night thanks to the amazing coordination by Natasha Waters and Paula Jacobs.   I am also very excited for the End of Term School Meeting next Thursday at the Gary Holland Centre in Rockingham, where we will celebrate our Primary School Student Graduation and enjoy the whole school production of The Lion King which has been Jacob from the Adolescent Program’s, year long interest project.  Good luck Jacob and congratulations for initiating this production and seeing it through to fruition ably assisted by Scarlett Farrell and Sarah Clegg. 

I wish all families a safe and happy summer holiday and look forward to the children returning fresh and ready for an amazing year of learning in 2019.