Individual Music Tuition

‘Music has been proven time and time again to improve your child’s numeracy, literacy and left/right brain coordination. Children enrolled in music are often more confident within themselves and can develop friendships with like-minded children, fostering positive school relationships.’

At Rockingham Montessori School, all students participate in music-based learning activities as a normal part of the curriculum. In addition to this we partner with two private providers of individual music tuition. These 30-minute music lessons are a private arrangement between the family and the provider, though they can be scheduled during school hours.


‘Edumusic’ offers lessons in music discovery, vocals, guitar and ukulele. Please contact them directly on or 0448 793 610.

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Infant & Toddler

1 - 3 Years

Our Infant Toddler Program (Playgroup) is the ideal way for your family to experience the Montessori philosophy and practice, while providing toddlers with a gentle transition to the Children’s House.


3 - 6 Years

Rockingham Montessori School has
three Children’s House classrooms,
named Dolphins, Penguins and Seahorse, reflecting our seaside location. Each is led by a dedicated and highly-trained Montessori teacher.


6 - 12 Years

Rockingham Montessori School has three Lower-Primary classrooms: Jelly Fish, Starfish and Sealions, continuing our ocean theme. Teachers are Montessori-trained and work with the help of an education assistant.


12 -18 Years

In Montessori’s third plane of development, from twelve to eighteen years old, the adolescent has a ‘humanistic mind’ eager to understand humanity and the contribution they can make to society.

Community Spirit

Community Spirit meetings are held twice per term. The parent body make up the Community Spirit group and therefor all parents are welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings to brain storm fundraising and school community activities for all students and families to participate in and enjoy.

Family members are encouraged to join the Community Spirit Facebook page to keep in touch with communication from both the school and school families.

Next Community Spirit Meeting - Thursday 21st November 2019


Book Fair

Thursday 14th November (viewing only) 2:30 - 3:30 pm

Friday 15th November to be held in the undercover area at the Primary School. 

Purchasing times: 8am-9am, 11:00am-12:00pm, 2:30pm - 3:30 pm 

Cash and eftpos facilities available