Adolescent Program (12 to 18)

In Montessori’s third plane of development, from twelve to eighteen, the adolescent has a ‘humanistic mind’ eager to understand humanity and the contribution they can make to society.

Rockingham Montessori School’s Adolescent Program commenced in January 2012 with 12 students from 12-15 years. The program is co-located with Murdoch University, in Dixon Rd, Rockingham. Since commencement the program has continued to grow in student numbers and in 2015 we had our first students receive WACE. Graduate students have gone onto various post school pathways; Tertiary studies including Commerce, Law, Teaching across various Universities, Vocational studies and directly into the workforce.

Incorporating Montessori philosophy, the High School program was developed in conjunction with Big Picture Education Australia and Murdoch University. Big Picture Education Australia is a nonprofit company whose core business is the transformation of education in response to a rapidly-changing world. At the heart is a departure from traditional ‘appointment learning’ where everyone learns the same things according to a fixed timetable inside the four walls of a school. Well-aligned with Montessori philosophy, Big Picture is based on the belief that personalised, passion-based learning is the key to modernising education and preparing young people uncommonly well for successful futures. Nurturing creativity, curiosity and independence is core to Big Picture practice.

The Adolescent Program follows the Australian Montessori Curriculum in Middle School and incorporates Western Australia’s Senior School Curriculum in the form of Courses of Study in the Senior School. The Adolescent Program has a strong influence on the child’s personal growth in the areas of public speaking, the arts, sports, business, economics, entrepreneurship, out-of-school activities and work-readiness skills. The Adolescent Program incorporates internships to ensure students gain real-life experiences to guide their future career pathways.

After graduation

All students are encouraged to set their sights high for their personal achievement. There are a range of post-school options available for Senior School students. Students are able to undertake VET qualifications on campus or with a registered training facility. Tertiary pathways are strongly encouraged, and Year 12 students are able to access an undergraduate tertiary bridging program for Murdoch University whilst enrolled with us. Through our affiliation with Big Picture Australia students are able to utilise portfolio entry as an alternative pathway to university entry.

4.University Pathways.

Montessori on adolescent development (12 to 18 years)

The Montessori program for children aged 12 to 18 years is based on the recognition of the special characteristics of adolescence. Adolescence is an age of great social development, an age of critical thinking and re-evaluation, and a period of self-concern and self-assessment. It is a transition from childhood to adulthood with the corresponding physical, mental and sexual maturation. In early puberty the adolescent finds it hard to concentrate on academic and structured learning. Above all adolescence is like an odyssey – an arduous yet exciting adventure – where the adolescent tries to find his or her place in the world.

Dr. Montessori recommended that the adolescent should spend a period of time in the country away from the environment of the family. This would provide an opportunity to study civilisation through its origin in agriculture. She suggested they should live in a hostel which they would learn to manage and open a shop where sale of produce would bring in the fundamental mechanics of society, production and exchange on which economic life is based. She outlined a general plan for their studies and work but believed that the program which she called ‘Erdkinder’ (German for ‘land children’) could only be developed from experience.


Q. What is the TLC110 Course?

A. TLC110 is a free course offered by Murdoch University. It allows year 12 students from RMS the opportunity to prepare for study at Murdoch University without completing WACE.

Q. What high school alternative pathways do you offer?

A. Rockingham Montessori offers year twelve students the opportunity to participate in Murdoch’s TLC110. This course provides an alternative pathway to high school students wishing to enter Murdoch University without an ATAR. 

Q. What can children do after Montessori school?

A. Our students from Rockingham Montessori School have gone onto various post school pathways including tertiary studies, vocational studies and directly into the workforce.

Q. Can Montessori school prepare students for university?

A. Definitely. Many of our Rockingham Montessori students have gone onto complete tertiary studies including Commerce, Law and Teaching across various universities. 

Q. What alternative pathways do you offer high school students?

A. At RMS we offer our senior school students the opportunity to gain university access through a range of alternative pathways. This includes studying the Australian Curriculum, vocational education and training courses or endorsed courses such as community service in the form of an internship or bronze medallion. 

Q. How can a Montessori Education prepare my child for the workforce?

A. High School Students of Rockingham Montessori who are not wishing to pursue tertiary education, have the opportunity to complete multiple internships throughout the Adolescent Program. Our internships have proven to give children a taste of the workforce and guide them in making career decisions. 

Infant & Toddler

1 - 3 Years

Our Infant Toddler Program (Playgroup) is the ideal way for your family to experience the Montessori philosophy and practice, while providing toddlers with a gentle transition to the Children’s House.


3 - 6 Years

Rockingham Montessori School has
three Children’s House classrooms,
named Dolphins, Penguins and Seahorse, reflecting our seaside location. Each is led by a dedicated and highly-trained Montessori teacher.


6 - 12 Years

Rockingham Montessori School has three Lower-Primary classrooms: Jelly Fish, Starfish and Sealions, continuing our ocean theme. Teachers are Montessori-trained and work with the help of an education assistant.


12 -18 Years

In Montessori’s third plane of development, from twelve to eighteen years old, the adolescent has a ‘humanistic mind’ eager to understand humanity and the contribution they can make to society.