Welcome back to the final term for this year!

Very soon we will be offering some lovely festive type work for the children to choose from, plenty of card making and pasting jobs with dustings of sparkle!

We are delighted with the new awning outside which protects us from both sun and rain and gives us a little extra work space outdoors. Our shelves are full of new work for your child to choose from. Look out for minerals hidden in a big bucket of rice, spinning art works with the aid of a salad spinner, strawberry slicing, outdoor weeding, one stitch sewing on hessian and smelling jars. We change most items on our shelves at the beginning of each term. This gives the child enough time to explore all areas and allows for plenty of repetition to help refine the senses, further concentration, support independence and build confidence.

Some jobs always stay on the shelf in one form or another. The cracker spreading job is a great example of this. This job is as popular with the older school children as it is here and can easily become an everyday practice job at home. So why are we so crazy about this job? Spreading a condiment on a cracker requires strength, coordination, rotation of the wrist and the use of the second hand to support, all important skills in the preparation of the hand, arm and body for writing. How sweet is it to eat the result of your hard work. The job does not finish there though, the child is encouraged to wash, dry and replenish the job, placing it back on the shelf for one of their friends to enjoy. 

Places are available on Tuesday in our group. Feel free to bring along a friend for a free trial. 

Thank you Nicole for making a huge collection of poetry and proverb cards for you and your child to read and enjoy together. Thank you Emma for taking great care of our plants over the holidays, they always come back from your garden looking like new.

Orla Dinneen