As we approach our final week in the environment, the Adolescent Program reflects on the wonderful incursions and excursions that have transpired over the past term.  In our setting it is important for the growth and learning of our students, to explore a variety of engaging educational experiences. These breaks in routine allow our students to bring forward new learning within the community, participate socially and create new relationships; whilst motivating students to engage in active learning and reflection.

During week six all adolescent students engaged in an incursion for their Geography studies, where they had been studying Landforms and Landscapes. Greg Nannup from Indigenous Tours WA conducted a presentation, where he shared stories and information about how Indigenous Australians engaged with our local landscapes. He taught students about the importance of certain tools, seasonal attire and native plants and how Indigenous Australians used these in the past. This provided the students with an understanding of the cultural values of Indigenous Australians. He finalised the presentation capturing the students with a Dream Time story about ‘How the Birds got Their Colours’.

Following on from this, during week seven the whole school travelled to Fremantle using public transport to have a unique experience at the Western Australian Maritime Museum for The Antarctica Experience: Virtual Reality Adventure. Students explored the day in the life of an Antarctic scientist. They were able to use virtual reality to gain an understanding of climate change; view the Southern Lights and a penguin colony; understand how we can manage eco-systems and become conscious in conserving wildlife. With these advancements in technology this virtual reality experience highlighted the important work that scientists are completing in remote locations, that normally students would not generally be able to experience. Students and staff remained highly engaged during their time at the museum and returned to school with new knowledge and excitement.

Opportunities continued throughout the term with a speaker from the Cervical Cancer Foundation, highlighting the importance of check-ups and health to our Year 10 Health students.  Lastly, the wonderful adolescent actors and singers of The Lion King team travelled to Mandurah to attend the Coolibah Aged Care Facility where they entertained the residents with a rehearsal of their musical.

We are fortunate to have a learning environment that is able to provide these wonderful learning opportunities for our students and are grateful to all members of our community who help support our program. We are looking forward to more exciting opportunities in 2019. 


 By Kirsty Bell