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Welcome to Rockingham

Welcome to our beautiful school! I would like the chance to talk with you about Montessori Education and so I invite you to come on a tour of our website and our school.

-Vanessa Aikins, Principal.

Encouraging independence, respect and self-discipline

Words from our community


Infant Toddler Program / Playgroup News

Tidying up and packing away after work tends to be a struggle all of a sudden when the child is just over two years old. They shrug a shoulder, ignore, moving on quickly to something else leaving everything behind. Parents may get exasperated and often a power...

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Dressing for success the Montessori way

Montessori education respects the child and honours their developing independence as decision makers. But it also acknowledges that independence involves learning how to make decisions within a particular context. This is why Practical Life is such an important part...

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Children’s House News

Maria Montessori’s Celebration of Life – 31 August  Last month we brought tribute to a woman who changed not only education, but our way of thinking of the child. We had a celebration of the life of Maria Montessori on Friday the 30th August.   Montessori has some...

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