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Welcome to Rockingham

Welcome to our beautiful school! I would like the chance to talk with you about Montessori Education and so I invite you to come on a tour of our website and our school.

-Vanessa Aikins, Principal.

Encouraging independence, respect and self-discipline

Words from our community


Principal’s message: 13 March 2019

  Welcome to the launch of our new look newsletter.  Over the past six months we have been updating our website and we are now introducing our new blog page which will be updated as events occur.  Coming soon will be the updated version of our Facebook pages.  We...

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Development of the reasoning mind

Central to the Upper Primary cycle is the development of the reasoning mind. To that end, all Dugongs children are encouraged to investigate a topic of their own interest. The method of study is chosen to suit the topic and the research questions. Here are some of the...

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Montessori and Freedom of Choice

One of the key features of a Montessori classroom is that children have choices. Freedom within limits is an empowering concept. It embraces the notion of the child as an explorer who is capable of learning and doing for themselves. Montessori encourages freedom...

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