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Imagine walking in to a classroom and not finding the teacher standing in front of a whiteboard shouting out to the children in the class. Looking around you notice that some children are quietly working away, totally absorbed with the task at hand, others are working together in groups, another child is washing the dishes and some are enjoying a bit of a chit chat around the snack table.

You would expect it to be noisy but only a soft humming greets your ears. The children speak ever so softly and upon listening closer you will hear questions like “Can I show you how to do that?” or “Would you like to join me?” The politeness would not seem congruent with young children but their genuine desire to help one another is ever present.

Quietly the teacher and education assistant move amongst the children, stopping by each one to help with their current job or to teach them a new and more advanced job. “Where are you?” you might ask yourself. You’ve found yourself inside a Montessori school where school tasks are labelled as “work” and teachers are not preaching but giving each and every single child their undivided attention, nurturing and educating them through each new piece of work.

Praise and encouragement can be heard not only from the teachers but from the children themselves; if a friend is struggling with a task it is not uncommon to hear a little voice start up offering support and advice. Children choose the work they would like to do thus they are taught responsibility and they display pride upon completion of the work. You will even find that the children motivate themselves to attempt new work with an “I can do it” attitude.

Rockingham Montessori is dedicated to nurturing the whole child not just intellectually but physically, emotionally and socially as well. Our teachers are the most-sought after Montessori educators in the state. They are passionate about making a positive difference to each child’s life and aim to provide a happy, safe and stimulating environment. We want your children to be the best that they can be.