Our History

Rockingham Montessori School, formerly known as Rockingham Family School, was established in February 1985 by a group of dedicated parents and Elizabeth Sugars; the leader and founder of the school. Elizabeth inspired all by keeping the “T.E.A.M. Spirit” foremost in everyone’s mind; “T.E.A.M” being an acronym for “together everybody achieves more”. The school started in a small house in Safety Bay. The success of this school brought about the planning of a new school, and in 1988, the school on Attwood way was built.

The original parents moved on, and in 1998 those parents who had their children at the school chose to adopt the Montessori philosophy in its entirety. This is unique as most Montessori schools grow with their children. Montessori trained staff were employed, Montessori materials and equipment bought and programs put in place at the start of 1999. In 2012 our Adolescent Program commenced and in 2013 our school was registered to deliver a comprehensive Montessori education program from 3 years of age through to 17 years of age.