Community Spirit:

The Community Spirit is our schools parents and friends group. The Community Spirit meets every third Tuesday of the month at 9am in the parents room. We encourage all our families to get involved and communicate their visions and ideas, if not in these meetings then through email or via our administration staff.

The Community Spirit is responsible for assisting to build a strong school community through coordinating Busy Bees, social events and fundraising.

We understand not everyone is able to commit to these voluntary activities on a regular basis but we encourage parents to become involved in school life as this will encourage a social network and forge a strong bond with your child’s place of education.

Busy Bee:

Busy Bee’s are an important community building aspect of our school. Busy Bee’s take place once a term on a Saturday morning from 9am -12 noon. All Parents are encouraged to participate in Busy Bees as this is an integral means of ensuring our school grounds are maintained in pristine condition for all children.

A variety of tasks will be undertaken at each Busy Bee catering for inclusion of all skill levels from our parent body. If you are unable to attend Busy Bees please contact the administration for alternative tasks that require assistance throughout the term.

Please see our school calendar for the Busy Bee dates.