Upper Primary (9 – 12yrs)

Children begin transitioning to Upper-Primary around their ninth birthday. Children will stay in Upper-Primary until they are twelve, when they will graduate from Rockingham Montessori Primary School and transition to our High School campus.

This stage, children spend a lot of time carrying out their own research projects. As This is often done in groups with the children sharing the responsibility thereby enhancing the development of communication and intra-personal skills. Research tools such as computers, books and other texts are fully utilised and the range of research topics widen as the children become interested in moral and social issues. At this age, ethics and justice are prime foci and issues relating to these often form the basis of their projects as students explore their place within society.

Maria Montessori recognised that children in the second plane of development are in need of a dual environment: that which is found within the Montessori classroom and that which is found outside the Montessori classroom. While the classroom is captivating and intriguing, it is not enough. Children must witness and experience first-hand what is out in the community. Maria Montessori developed “going out” in an attempt to connect children with the outside world.

A true going out trip is one that is thought of, planned, organised, executed, and followed up by the child. With the older children (ages 9-12) it is an expression of independence and responsibility. Usually, an idea is planted while the child is doing research. Often it is expressed by “Wow! I wish I could do that!”

The Montessori National Curriculum has been approved by the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authorities (ACARA) and is well aligned with the nation’s educational goals. For more information on the Montessori National Curriculum and its approval click here.