Children are expected to have healthy lunches, fruit and vegetables for their morning snack. Chocolate, sweets, and chips are not to be brought to school. Rockingham Montessori School has a strong environmental focus. Please eliminate packaging where possible.

Please see the Rockingham Montessori School Health Eating Policy.


To commemorate birthdays, children are encouraged to bring a fruit platter to share with their class.

Birthdays are an important celebration in the life of a young child. Your child’s Teacher¬†will explain.

* Parents may wish to donate a book to the class to celebrate your child’s birthday. For suggestions please speak to your class Teacher.


Continuity of attendance support’s your child’s learning, however if your child is sick the Education Department requires that a primary/secondary school student absent from school for any reason needs a written note for the day or days of their absence. Please provide this to your child’s Teacher on the child’s return to school. Please arrange outings or holidays during school term breaks.


We request that children do not bring their toys to school.

Mobile Phones:

We request that children do not bring mobile phones to school. If they are brought to school they must be left at the school office until the end of the day.