Clothing and Equipment

We suggest that younger children come to school in clothing that is easy to put on and take off to encourage independence and ease in toileting.

An optional school uniform is available through the office. The prices are as follows:

Polo Shirt $30
Fleece Zip Jacket $40
Wide Brim Hat $21.50

Please provide the following for school:

  • Hats, which protect the face, neck and ears (Wide brimmed hats or legionnaires caps). This is required every day for playtime and outdoor activities. “No Hat, No Play”
  • Suitable shoes (not thongs or high heels) should be worn. Children are expected to wear laced up sneakers for sport.
  • A change of clothing should be sent for 3 year olds (in case of accidents).
  • Jewellery is not to be worn at school for safety reasons except small stud earrings. The school cannot take responsibility for loss, damage or personal injury.
  • A school bag large enough to hold a lunch box, hat and some books etc.
  • A china or pottery mug and water bottle must be┬ákept at school during the term.
  • Other equipment requirements are listed for parents each year.