Children’s House (3-6yrs)

We have three Children House classrooms, each with a dedicated and highly trained Montessori specialist teacher and a devoted Education Assistant.

Montessori children begin Children’s House around the time of their third birthday. Children begin attending for five mornings a week, between 8.30am-11:45am. When the child is considered by their teacher as ready, the 4 year olds will gradually transition to attending 3 full days a week, from 8.30am-3.00pm. The 5 year olds attend 5 full days a week.

The Children’s House introduces children to a wide range of sensorial materials with which they explore the world; for example, music bells to strike and match, sound cylinders for shaking and matching, sandpaper tablets giving experiences of rough, rougher, roughest, a tower of cubes to demonstrate volume. These and other materials help the child to develop a sound base for learning through the use of language and mathematical materials which are introduced later.

The children are also provided with experiences in practical living; cooking, brushing and polishing for example. There is a kitchen area in which everything is scaled down to a size easily used by children. There are no toys here. Though smaller than the adult world, the brushes, pans and stoves are real. These real life activities develop confidence and manual dexterity and provide a link between what happens at school and at home. The Children’s House is a very special time for a child to begin their Montessori journey.