Infant Toddler Program

Our Infant Toddler Program is a wonderful way to introduce children to Montessori concepts and to allow a gentle transition to the school environment. Sessions are held offsite, at the ArRukun Mosque opposite the Primary School site.

The sessions are run by our fully qualified coordinator, who brings with her a wealth of life experience. She greets each child personally with a handshake at their level and bids them farewell at the end of the session.

The shelves have Montessori equipment, puzzles, arts & crafts and Practical Life trays arranged carefully upon them to provide a beautiful prepared environment. Parents attend with their one to three year olds, helping them to master the work they have chosen. Independence is encouraged and children of different ages may work together, learning from one another.

There is a ‘bring and share’ morning tea, where children bring a piece of fruit to share. The children collect and set out their own placemats, glasses and plates at communal tables. Children are encouraged to serve themselves with child-sized tongs and pour their own water from child-sized jugs. The table is decorated by flowers in vases, collected and arranged by one of the children.

Children then wash up their own dishes and go out to play. After a time they return inside for a story, singing, musical instruments and free style dancing. It is very much a fun morning and the children enjoy themselves immensely.

DayTimeCasual cost per sessionCost per term
Monday9:15 – 11:15amNot currently available$160.00 (8 weeks)
Tuesday9:15 – 11:15amNot currently available$160.00 (8 weeks)
Wednesday9:15 – 11:15amNot currently available$180.00 (9 weeks)

Our Infant Toddler Program is very popular and regularly booked out for the term. To ensure your child receives a place when they are ready to attend, it is advised that you book in advance.

You can contact the school office for further information and to find out about the availability of places. To download and print our Application form click RMS INFANT TODDLER FORM.