Lower Primary: (6 – 9 years)

We have three Lower-Primary classrooms each filled with a Montessori trained teacher and enthusiastic Education Assistant. Children begin the transition to Lower-Primary around the time of their sixth birthday.

The Lower-Primary classroom provides children with a wide range of Montessori materials to help them explore and learn. The equipment is on shelves within easy reach of the children and is organised carefully into sections for Maths, Language, Geography, History and Zoology. Once the child has been introduced to a particular piece of equipment by the teacher, and shown its purpose, the child is free to take it from the shelf and use it.

Alongside their individual work, children in this age range often work in groups, enhancing co-operation and leadership skills. Social and personal developments are strengths within the Montessori philosophy which begin to be emphasised at this age. Montessori education takes a holistic view, aimed at developing the child into a well-rounded human being. Lower-Primary is a very important time for children to continue on their learning journey.

The Montessori National Curriculum has been approved by the Australian Curriculum authorities (ACARA) and is well aligned with the nation’s educational goals. For more information on the Montessori National Curriculum and its approval click here.