Adolescent Program (12-18yrs)

Rockingham Montessori School commenced its Adolescent program in January 2012. The Adolescent Program is co-located on the Murdoch University, Dixon Rd, Rockingham site.  Whilst continuing to provide a strong Montessori philosophy, the high school has been developed in conjunction with Big Picture Education Australia ( and Murdoch University.

The Adolescent Program follows the Australian Montessori Curriculum and incorporates Western Australia’s Senior School Curriculum in the form of Courses of Study.  The Adolescent Program has a strong influence on the child’s personal growth in the areas of public speaking, the arts, sports, business, economics, entrepreneurship, out of school activities and work readiness skills. The Adolescent Program incorporates internships to ensure students gain real life experiences to guide their future career pathways. Successful University entry is the goal of the Adolescent Program. A comprehensive portfolio is developed by each student to be used for university entry interviews. Senior School Students have the opportunity to link to relevant under graduate units through Murdoch University.

> Download the Adolescent Program Prospectus for more information

Please also view the following 4 videos on the Adolescent Program titled from left to right;

1) Introduction, 2) Overview, 3) Internships 4) University Pathways.