The Montessori Method

The Montessori approach to education is based on mutual respect and co-operation. Dr Montessori believed that learning starts at birth and children develop naturally. The first six years of life are very important as most learning occurs during this period. During this time children have a power of absorption and special sensitivities.

To fulfill these needs in a child the ‘prepared environment‘ (Montessori class) is designed to provide materials or activities that meet the needs of the child. Here teachers meet the social, emotional, intellectual, physical and cultural needs of a child through observation and facilitation.

We provide didactic materials:

  • designed to offer a child the opportunity to work independently over an extended period of time at their own pace
  • that offer the opportunity for repetition
  • that often isolate one concept only and make learning easier
  • that are often self-correcting
  • that are linked with the world outside
  • that require independent thought and decision making

Today the school provides a wonderful Montessori environment for pre-primary, primary, and adolescent students from three to eighteen years of age.