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A Parent’s Guide to the Internet: Websites on Montessori

Candice Shields. November 2008.

Googling Montessori Australia brings up 622,000 results. The following sites are the ones I recommend. I’ve listed them with the perspective of the parent in mind, so they offer resources like books and videos/DVDs, answers to frequently asked questions, ways to support the Montessori approach in the home, finding a school, parent education and more. This is a beginning and one step on the journey of ongoing learning offered by involvement with Montessori. Enjoy!


This is the site of the Montessori Australia Foundation, based in Sydney. It has statistical information on Montessori in Australia, a simple definition of the Montessori approach, manuals and policy templates for Montessori school boards, answers on questions like children’s transition to mainstream classrooms or schools, how to find a school, current work on quality assurance in Montessori schools in Australia, photos you can download for promotional purposes, briefing documents prepared for media/government use, research results on Montessori, and Montessori as a social movement. There are links to suppliers of Montessori books and materials manufacturers.


This site, based in California, contains simple and sound information on the philosophy and practice of Montessori. It has for more than 20 years been producing catalogues which are much more than catalogues, filled with Montessori quotes, materials for use in the home, beautiful photos and drawings and even fundraising ideas. I recommend their publications The Joyful Child and Child of the World, they are superb resources. You can download chapters from these publications.


This is the site of the organisation founded by Dr. Montessori in 1929, based in Holland. It lists the goals and activities of the organisation, offers information on the central notion of the Prepared Environment, the history of Montessori, the pedagogy, and the role of the Montessori teacher. It has excellent publications for parents produced by its USA branch which can be purchased using a credit card. This site also contains the article which appeared in the journal Science in September, 2006, on outcomes for children in a Montessori program, a longitudinal study.


This excellent site offers a wide range of books on Montessori. Based in Melbourne, it stocks hard-to-find resources and offers friendly service. Often a presence at Montessori gatherings and conferences, this shop has been serving Montessori in Australia for many years.


This site is a great source of toys/baskets/aprons/kitchenware and such for children, both in the prepared environment at school and in the home. Its complete catalogue is still in construction, but there is a good selection listed on the site.


This is the site of the Montessori Children’s Foundation, a national organisation based in Sydney Its focus is to “promote Montessori as a means to achieving peace and social reform.” It supports projects in indigenous communities in Australia. This site has excellent articles and research in this are.


This is the site of the North American Montessori Teachers Association but it has excellent resources for parents. Here you will find wonderful information on home environment design, the Montessori toddler community (what is often called here ‘Montessori playgroup’) common misconceptions about Montessori and an accurate comparison to mainstream education (‘A Paradigm Shift’). NAMTA sells DVDs and booklets specifically for parent education.