In Upper Primary the students are planning their day in the morning, in their personal journals and recording once it is completed against their work tracker. They complete chores throughout the school, including caring for the chickens, compost and worm farms. These students are exploring an extended ‘going-out’ program to strengthen their sports curriculum and pedagogy of place within Rockingham. The classroom teacher has granted these students with extra responsibilities outside the classroom and in the wider community, students in the Upper Primary need to take responsibility for their actions and understand others are counting on them.

The Adolescent students need to take responsibility for their learning and this includes long term planning where they select interest and teacher directed projects for the term. They also have work trackers to ensure they are keeping on schedule with their goals. These work trackers, planners and journals are reviewed by your child and their teacher regularly.

Through every cycle at Rockingham Montessori School students are granted a level of freedom and this is under the careful guidance of their classroom teacher. This freedom within limits is provided when students are able to demonstrate their growing independence and responsibility. Ultimately it is the responsibility of the child to ensure they progress in their learning with the guidance of their classroom teacher.

Rockingham Montessori staff will be exploring examples of responsibility within the classroom and playground. We would encourage you to discuss the value of responsibility at home and the wider community.

You can model responsibility by:
Treating others, the environment and yourself with respect.
Being on time.
Being prepared for the day.
Talking about making responsible financial decisions.


By Asti Jorgensen